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California Coastal Commission
California Film Commission
Carpinteria Valley
Channel Islands
Cuyuma Valley / New Cuyuma
Goleta Valley
Guadalupe / Nipomo Dunes
Isla Vista
Labor Standards / Minors / Workmans Comp 
Lompoc Valley
Los Alamos
Los Olivos
NOAA - National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
Santa Barbara City
Santa Barbara County
Santa Maria Valley
Santa Ynez Valley
UC Santa Barbara / UCSB
US Coast Guard
US Forest Service
Vandenberg Air Force Base

Ballard  -  county permit
Population: 325
Small rural town, home of the Ballard Inn, 1883 Red Schoolhouse, 1898 Country Church, and 1882 Oak Hill Cemetary.

Ballard Visitors Info
Christine Forsyth - The Ballard Inn  
Fax: 805-688-9560
2436 Baseline Ave, Ballard, CA  93463
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Population: 3,984
Buellton is one of five small towns nestled in the fertile green countryside of the Santa Ynez Valley. Conveniently located on Highway 101, Buellton is surrounded by working cattle and horse ranches, ostriches, vineyards, and a variety of row crops.  The town is also home to a new microbrewery, the area's only livestock yard, a rodeo arena, and the main street is lined with American flags.  There are a variety of hotels, restaurants, a campground, and the Valley's only 24-hour visitor services.
Credits: Sideways, commercials.

PERMITS:  City of Buellton
Clare Barcelona - Planning Technician
805-688-7474, x11
Fax: 805-686-1729
P.O. Box 1819, Buellton, CA  93427-1819
Permit Application

Buellton Visitor's Bureau and Chamber of Commerce
Cindy Norlin - Executive Director
Alt: 800-324-3800
Fax: 805-688-5399 
376 Ave of the Flags, Buellton, CA  93427
Scenic countryside, agricultural and ranching region.
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California Coastal Commission
California Coastal Commission
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California Film Commission
Business, Transportation & Housing Agency.
7080 Hollywood Blvd. #900
Hollywood, CA 90028-6126
Alt: 323-860-2960
Fax: 323-860-2972 
Location Resource Ctr, Ext. 119
Production Troubleshooting, Ext. 136


CalTrans (Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo), Ext. 104
Roadway conditions:  1-800-427-7623
Facilities, Ext. 107
State Parks & Beaches, Ext. 106
CHP - California Highway Patrol, Ext. 103
(police for ITC - intermittent traffic control & "rolling breaks")
FIRE - Al Adams, Deputy State Fire Marshal
Fax: 310-217-6929
Film California First Program
STAR (State Theatrical Arts Resources Partnership), Ext. 133
State Permit Application
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Carpinteria Valley
Population: 14,434
Located at the eastern tip of the Santa Barbara coast, Carpinteria maintains its original, small town charm.  It is known for both gentle beaches, and the world-renowned surfing area - Rincon Point.  The nearby foothills are home to some of the largest flower nurseries in the world, the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, private polo fields and numerous horse ranches.
Credits: Sam Churchill, commercials, stills.

PERMITS:  City of Carpinteria
Shanna Farley 
805-684-5405, Ext. 405
Fax: 805-684-5304
5775 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA  93013
Permit Application

Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce

Casey Konquist
805-684-5479 Ext.11
Alt: 805-684-3477 
1056-B Eugenia Place, Carpinteria, CA  93013 
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Casmalia  -  county permit
Population: 200
Small western town, (west of Orcutt), with a general store, sparsely populated rolling hills, and cattle grazing.

Casmalia Visitors Info
Terri Stricklin - Hitching Post 
Fax: 805-937-6391
3325 Point Sal Rd, Casmalia Rd, CA  93429
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Channel Islands

PERMITS:  Channel Islands Nat'l Park
Yvonne Menard
Fax: 805-658-5799
1901 Spinnaker Dr, Ventura, CA  93001
Credits:  The Brown Pelican.

PERMITS:  Channel Islands Nat'l Marine Sanctuary
Sean Hastings
Fax: 805-568-1582

PERMITS:  Channel Islands Nature Conservatory
Lotus Vermeer
805-642-0345 x504
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Cuyuma Valley / New Cuyuma  -  county permit
Population: 1,200   
The towns of New Cuyama and Cuyama are set in desert-terrain, surrounded by ranches, vineyards, farms (wheat, oats and carrots), wildflowers, and mountains.  Amenities include a general store, the Buckhorn Restaurant and Hotel, and a 3,900 foot airstrip (approx. 60 miles east of Santa Maria).

Cuyuma Visitor Info
Harry Curtis - Aventura
Cell: 805-440-5022
Fax: 661-766-2028
1000 Perkins Rd., New Cuyama, CA  93254
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Goleta Valley
Population: 85,000
Just west of Santa Barbara, Goleta Valley is set between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.  It is comprised of suburban neighborhoods, avocado and lemon orchards, and Goleta Beach.  The Goleta Valley Depot, Railroad Museum and Stow House, a restored Victorian mansion, are local attractions.  Two state beach parks, El Capitan and Refugio, are just minutes away.  Goleta is also home to UCSB (UC Santa Barbara), Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, five public golf courses, and the Santa Barbara Airport.
Credits:   Sideways.

PERMITS:   City of Goleta
Kimberly Nilsson - Community Services Department
Alt: 805-495-7521
Fax: 805-685-2635  
Alt. Fax: 805-495-7621
130 Cremona Dr, Suite B, Goleta, CA  93117

Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center
Kristen Miller - President/CEO
805-967-4618 Ext.101
Fax: 805-967-4615 
5582 Calle Real, Suite A, Goleta, CA  93117
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Population: 6,092
A small, agricultural town, with turn-of-the-century buildings that give Guadalupe a timeless appeal.  The Guadalupe Dunes Preserve has a windswept, desert look.  
Credits: Odd Couple II, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Hidalgo, GE, The Ten Commandments, Ford 450.

PERMITS:  City of Guadalupe
Juana Merino
805-343-1340 Ext.103
Fax: 805-343-5512
918 Obispo St, Guadalupe, CA  93434
Permit Application - under construction

Rancho Guadalupe Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau
John Perry - President 
805-343-1515 (Napa Auto Parts)
Bruno Bornino 
Cell: 805-801-1759 
959 Guadalupe St, Guadalupe, CA  93434

Guadalupe Chamber of Commerce 
Beverly Chapman - President
873 Guadalupe St, Guadalupe, CA  93434
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Guadalupe / Nipomo Dunes

PERMITS:  Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve and Park
Center for Natural Lands Management (CNLM)
Jamie King - Preserve Manager
805-431-1389 Ranger Tina
Guadalupe Dunes Center 
P.O. Box 97, Guadalupe, CA  93434
DVD available by request at - see Preserves.
NO FILMING - during snowy plover nesting: March 1st through October 1st.
Credits: Pirates of the Caribbean III, Hidalgo, GE Wright Bros comm'l, The Ten Commandments (Cecil B. DeMille); Soldiers of God.

PERMITS:   Oceano Dunes (ATV area) - state permit
Rey Monge
805-473-7225 Ext. 11
Dunes accessible year-round to vehicles and filming.
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Isla Vista  -  county permit
Population 15,000.  
Home to UCSB's (University of California at Santa Barbara) college students, 
with a bohemian village, dramatic beaches and parks.
Credits:  MTV, commercials.

Isla Vista Parks
Angela Kamm
Fax: 805-968-2829
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Labor Standards / Minors / Workmans Comp 

PERMITS:   Labor Standards Enforcement for the State of California
Wage Issues, use of minors
Fax: 805-962-2748

Workman's Compensation:
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Lompoc Valley
Population: 42,300
Located on the picturesque Pacific Coast Hwy (Route 1), Lompoc is nationally renowned as the "City of Murals in the Valley of Flowers," with over 60 murals that recount the colorful history and culture of the Valley - many painted by nationally acclaimed muralists. Each year, hundreds of acres of flowers bloom May through August.  The region offers scenic winding roads, ranches, vineyards, rocky shores, sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, 4 to 5 crops per year, Point Conception Lighthouse, La Purisma Mission (a beautifully restored, Spanish-style mission complex), and Vandenberg Air Force Base, (launch site for rockets and satellites). Lompoc Valley has been the backdrop for many TV shows and movies, including Of Mice and Men, Seabiscuit, Sideways and Big Wednesday (surf film). 

PERMITS:   City of Lompoc
Lucille Breese 
Fax: 805-736-5688 
P.O. Box 8001, Lompoc, CA  93438-8001

Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau
C. Dennis Anderson  
Gene Stevens (Tue & Thurs)
Dennis Headrick
Fax: 805-737-0453
111 South "I" St.
P.O. Box 626, Lompoc, CA  93438-0626
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Los Alamos  -  county permit
Population: 1000
Historical, western town features Victorian homes, general store, gas station, and the Union Hotel.
Credits:  Seabiscuit, commercials, reality TV.

Los Alamos Valley Visitors Association
Laura Kath
P.O. Box 2, Los Alamos, CA  93440
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Los Olivos  -  county permit & Los Olivos Merchant Assn agreement
Population: 1,000
Perfectly restored, charming small town, with western and Victorian architecture, cosmopolitan fine art galleries, and wine tasting.  
Credits: Sideways; Return to Mayberry.

Los Olivos Business Organization
Handles filming requests - represents all town merchants
Mark Herthel
(805) 688-1731
P.O. Box 280, Los Olivos, CA 93441
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Montecito  -  county permit
Population: 10,000
A renowned celebrity retreat, Montecito features spectacular estates of varied architectural designs, especially Spanish and Mediterranean, with lavish landscaping.  The semi-rural residential community also boasts wonderful views of foothills, hiking trails, ocean scenes, golf courses and private estates.  Coast Village Rd (Main St.) offers small town charm, elegant shops and restaurants.
Credits:  Disney's Rosebud, numerous commercials and catalog shoots.

PERMITS:   Montecito County Fire Prevention Bureau
Inspector Kurt Mann
Fax:  805-969-2962

Montecito Association
Fax: 805-969-4043
Montecito Library Bldg, 1469 E. Valley Rd., Montecito, CA  93150
Historical, architectural, and land use guidelines and information available in our office.
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NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration  

Orcutt  -  county permit
Population: 20,000
Established in 1904.  This small western town, home to oil and aerospace technology, farms and vineyards, is a unique blend of old and new, rural and suburbia. 

Orcutt Visitor Info
North County Supervisor's Office
Joyce Kurtz-Chrisman
Fax: 805-346-8404
511 E. Lakeside Pkwy. Suite 141, Santa Maria, CA  93455
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Known as the American RivieraTM, the City of Santa Barbara is nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and a sweeping shoreline overlooking the nearby Channel Islands.  Its unique south-facing position results in a temperate climate with sunshine from dawn to dusk.  Santa Barbara is known for exceptional beauty and a world-renowned flair, much of it reflected in the area's architectural mix of Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Monterey, Moorish, and Islamic styles.  Population: 90,696
Credits:  There Will be Blood, Deathproof, Sideways, Seabiscuit, Hidalgo, Of Mice and Men, numerous commercials and catalog shoots.

Permit Requirements 
The City of Santa Barbara now offers one stop permitting with Parks and Recreation as the lead department issuing the photo and film/video permit, answering as many questions on behalf of the City as possible and if need be, directing you to the appropriate City department staff if requests are complex and need the expertise of a specific City department OR if any additional permits are required (i.e. road closures). Note that a photo and film/video permit is ALWAYS required for any shoot, with the only exception being "not-for-profit" photo shoots occurring on private property that have no impact to the public.

PERMITS:  City of Santa Barbara 
Parks and Recreation handles permits for any shoot occurring within City limits. This includes any street, sidewalk, park, beach, Stearns Wharf, the Harbor, city waters to 1 mile from shore and Coast Village Road in Montecito.  Note that shoots at the Santa Barbara Airport are not handled by this office.  See below for Airport information.

Due to increased numbers of visitors on Stearns Wharf and boater activity the Harbor/Marina area during the summer months, photo and film permit requests for dates between Memorial Day and Labor Day will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be denied due to volume of activity.

Permit requests for shooting in these areas on weekends, holidays and special events are strongly discouraged. 

Susan Jang Bardick 
Fax:  805-897-1945

Cindy Leyva 
Fax: 805-897-1945

One Stop Permitting Information, Fees and Application

Download Application 




PERMITS:  Santa Barbara Airport 

Due to security and special circumstances, all photo and film/video shoot requests for the Santa Barbara Airport and within an Airport lease holder's property are handled directly by the Airport.

Airport Marketing Coordinator or Airport Patrol Supervisor  805-967-7111 

 City limits, Santa Barbara airport and Coast Village Road area of Montecito. Requests handled as quickly as possible; Monday-Thursday.

Film Permit Categories - Fees
Movies, TV, Commercials, Videos -    $260
Still Photography -                            $60
Students -                                        $0
Application Fee -                               $10
Additional facilities use fees will be charged for use of Parks, Beaches, and Waterfront.  Please see one stop permit application for fees structure.

Insurance: A $1 million policy required, naming the City of Santa Barbara, its officers, employees and agents as additional insured.

Helicopters & small aircraft
Must fly under FAA requirements, and show authorization.  Permission to land within city limits is very restrictive.  (See Santa Barbara Airport, above)

Santa Barbara Harbor Merchants Association
Skip Abed
801 Shoreline Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Visit Santa Barbara and Film Commission
Alt: 805-966-9222
Fax: 805-966-1728 
Visitor Information
County Film Commission
1601 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA  93101-1909

Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce
Marcia Reed
805-965-3023 Ext. 20
Fax: 805-966-5954
924 Anacapa St, Suite 1, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Barbara Visitor Information Center 
Annmarie Rogers
1 Garden St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Barbara Downtown Organization
Mark Chaconas - Executive Director
805-962-2098, x21
Fax: 805-962-3286
27b E. De La Guerra St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Barbara Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Luis Villegas, President & CEO
Fax: 805-681-1260
PO Box 6592, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6592
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The County of Santa Barbara lies 92 miles/147 km north of Los Angeles, and 332 miles/531 km south of San Francisco. Click on the following link for a map of Santa Barbara and surrounding coastline:  County Map
Population 403,000
Climate:  Mild and sunny  - there is no "off-season" on the American Riviera (Temperatures average in the 60's and 70's year-round, with low humidity).
Credits:  over 100 movies & TV shows, including Sideways, Seabiscuit, Hidalgo, Spartan, Of Mice and Men, The Bachelor, numerous commercials, catalog & auto stills.

The County of Santa Barbara consists of several jurisdictions requiring permits.  Permits are ALWAYS required.
The following is a guideline to fees and policies, depending on your location.

 County of Santa Barbara 
One-stop center for issuance of County Film Permits
Alicia Hawkins

 Fax: 805-568-3103 
Switchboard: 805-568-3030
Supervisor Philip Oates:  568-3113
123 E. Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, CA  93101-2059
Permit applications may be emailed or faxed.

Permit Application & Guidelines - 

  • Checklist
  • Cancellations & Changes
  • Permit Fees, Review procedures & Payments
  • Permit Application (may be filled out on your computer)
  • Insurance & Indemnification Application
  • Filming Requirements & Instructions
  • Location Consent Form (to be signed by Property Owner)
  • Neighbor Notification Form
  • Merchant Filming Notification Form
  • No Parking / Temporary Street/Lane Closure Notification Form
  • Helicopter Safety Guidelines
  • Helicopter Use Permitting Requirements

Jurisdiction:  All unincorporated areas of the County.
Permit Processing:   72 hour minimum

PERMITS:   County Fire 

Roy Alexander
Fax: 805-681-5553
$55-95 per hour
Fire review - $94.00

PERMITS:   County Parks
Santa Barbara County Community Services Dept., Parks Division
Evangeline Benchek
Fax: (805) 568-2459
123 E. Anapamu St., 2nd Floor
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Call for info on parks, open spaces, camping, beaches, County Courthouse grounds.
$75 Review fee. Parks fees vary by location.

PERMITS:   CHP (California Highway Patrol) 
CFC Liaison - Officer Cheyenne Quesada
800-858-4749 Ext.103
Fax: 323-817-4113 
Pager: 818-698-9359
$56/hr - Police for ITC (intermittent traffic control)
CHP required on State and County roads

PERMITS: County Sheriff
Drew Sugars Public Information Officer
Fax: 805-681-4268 
4434 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

PERMITS:   County Roads 
$38.00/hr for public road inspections
Road repair deposit:  $500-1,000.

Road Conditions (free road updates)
Santa Barbara / Carpinteria: 805-681-5678 
Santa Ynez / Lompoc: 805-737-7773
Santa Maria: 805-934-6100

County Tax Assessor
Francisco Siordia
Fax: 805-568-3247

Visit Santa Barbara and Film Commission
Alt: 805-966-9222
Fax: 805-966-1728 
Visitor Information
County Film Commission
1601 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, CA  93101-1909
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Santa Maria Valley
Population: 85,325
Located 70 miles north of Santa Barbara at the crossroads of Highway 1, 101, and 166.  Santa Maria is in the North County's largest city, and primary retail center. Vineyards, rolling hills, wineries, ranches and farms - with well-tended row crops of strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, and gladiolas - border the city on all sides.  Only minutes from sand dunes, winding country roads, and the western towns of Guadalupe and Orcutt.  Santa Maria Airport offers daily L.A. commuter flights, and is frequently used in films and commercials.  
Credits: Sideways, Hidalgo, Odd Couple II, G.I. Jane, Rocketeer, Rocky and Bullwinkle, numerous commercials and catalog shoots.

PERMITS:  City of Santa Maria
Mark Van de Kamp
805-925-0951, Ext. 372
Fax: 805-928-0535 
110 E. Cook St, Room 2, Santa Maria, CA  93454

Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor & Convention Bureau
Gina Keough  - VCB Manager 
800-331-3779, Ext. 814
Fax: 805-928-7559
614 S. Broadway, Santa Maria, CA  93454
Central Coast Wine Country
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Santa Ynez Valley  -  county permit  
Population:  11,164
Famous for picturesque wineries and world-class wines, Santa Ynez Valley is located in the center of the county.  It includes Lake Cachuma, and Los Padres Nat. Forest, with campgrounds, hiking trails, swimming and fishing in the Santa Ynez River.  Its rolling hills are dotted with California oaks and punctuated with horse ranches, vineyards, and small western towns such as Santa Ynez, Los Olivos and Los Alamos.  
Credits:  Sideways, Seabiscuit, Odd Couple II, Inn Trouble, numerous commercials and catalog shoots.

Santa Ynez Valley Visitors Association
Laura Kath - Publicist / Media Relations
PO Box 1918 Santa Ynez, CA  93460 
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Population: 5,444
Established in 1911, amidst rolling hills, oak trees, winding country lanes, and wineries.   Solvang is a picturesque Danish village, with more than 200 charming shops, restaurants, country inns, bakeries, a timeless, tree-lined road (Route 246, Buellton to Solvang), and Mission Santa Ines (1804).  If you require locations with a European look, scout Solvang.  Authentic architectural elements include cobblestone courtyards, windmills, and thatched/copper roofs.  
Credits: Seabiscuit, Sideways, Of Mice and Men, Mach III, Gillette, car commercials and photo shoots.

PERMITS:  City of Solvang
Debbie Elliott  
Fax: 805-686-2049
P.O. Box 107, Solvang, CA  93464

Solvang Chamber of Commerce
Linda Jackson
Fax: 805-686-0053
P.O. Box 465,Solvang, CA 93464

Solvang Conference & Visitors Bureau

Tracy Farhad - Executive Director
Fax: 805-688-8620
Cell 805-245-0851
PO Box 70, Solvang, CA  93464-0070
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Summerland  -  county permit
Population: 2,500
Quaint cliffside, "Cape Cod" beach community, with antique shops, restaurants, and "Cape Cod" style homes with porches.  

Summerland Visitors Info
Jeff Melnik, Summerland Beach Café
Fax: 805-969-9903
2294 Lillie Ave, Summerland, CA  93067
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PERMITS:  University of California, Santa Barbara
Kimberly Tapia
UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA  93106
Fax: 805-893-8639
Limited staff - small shoots preferred.
UCSB - University of California, Santa Barbara
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US Coast Guard
PERMITS:  US Coast Guard Motion Picture and Television Office
Fax: 310-235-7851
10880 Wilshire Blvd. #1210, L.A., CA  90024-4113
Technical Advisors
Mission:  To enhance public awareness and understanding of the U.S. Coast Guard, its people and missions through cooperative production agreements with the entertainment media industry.
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US Forest Service

PERMITS:  USFS -  Los Padres National Forest - Santa Barbara Ranger District
Includes:  Paradise Road area;  lower Santa Ynez;  East & West Camino Cielo
Tony Martinez 
805-967-3481 Ext. 229
Fax: 805-967-7312
3505 Paradise Road, Santa Barbara, CA  93105
Permit Application (PDF)
Credits:  numerous car commercials, catalog shoots.

  Los Padres National Forest - Santa Lucia Ranger District.  
Includes Figueroa Mountain Rd and other nearby locations. 
Helen Tarbet
Fax: 805-961-5781
1616 N Carlotti Dr, Santa Maria, CA  93454-1599
"Filming/Photography Request Form" required.
Permit Application (PDF)
Credits:  numerous car commercials, catalog shoots.

PERMITS:  USFS  -  Mt. Pinos Ranger District - Frazier Park area
Loreigh Brannan:  Lands Assistant - Special Use Administrator
661-245-3731 Ext. 229
Fax: 661-245-1526
34580 Lockwood Valley Rd, Frazier Pk., CA  93225
Permit Application (PDF)
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Vandenberg Air Force Base
Mr. Jack Hokanson
Fax: 805-606-8303
30th Space Wing / PA, 747 Nebraska Ave, Ste A-103
Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437
99,900 acres: pristine coastline, paved roads, sand dunes, 
missile silos, rocket launch pads, airport, golf course, 
rail road, barracks housing, schools, hospital, warehouses; 
foggy mornings and evenings from June - August. 
Commercials not permitted.  Military story mandatory.
Credits: Rockets Red Glare, Fox Family Channel.
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